Monday, January 04, 2010

The Art of Publicity

The end of a slow news week is just the right time to chuck a story at the media, especially if it feeds the fires of the tabloids. Coverage was guaranteed and the publicity-hungry nutnuts over at Islam4UK must have been rubbing their hands together at the opportunity to spread their division and hatred through the broadcast media as well. I doubt that there was ever an intention to stage a parade through Wootton Bassett - frankly, it is unlikely that this group could muster enough supporters to carry coffins. But they've achieved their aim and have happily fuelled the fires of their flipsides in the BNP and the EDL, because this lot actually want us to be scared of Muslims and of Islam. Just as the BNP want us to believe that their views represent the majority of 'English' people, Islam4UK want us to believe that they speak for Muslims. They don't.

And just like the BNP, they now get to feel victimised by the Home Secretary backing the local authority and police if they choose to ban the march - right as that decision is.

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