Friday, January 22, 2010

Bungalow Bill shows his sensitive side

Despite his Etonian background (yet another Cameronian contemporary), Conservative MP Bill Wiggin seems remarkably dumb. Or just plain insensitive.

Smack bang in the middle of his Leominster constituency is the Marlbrook milk plant, operated by Cadburys. Obviously, the employees there were concerned about their future, now that Kraft have taken over the company, but Bill thinks (allegedly) that these plebs are just moaning Minnies -

"No-one wants to hire a whinging workforce when you could have a positive upbeat one"
These are the workers who will face job losses over the coming months as Kraft try to turn a profit on the purchase of Cadbury. Bill even refused to sign an Early Day Motion in support of an independent Cadburys - I do hope that Nigel Dawkins will be as critical of him as he was of the Labour MPs who didn't sign.

An early victim of the Kraft axe will be Roger Carr. Roger Carr is the chairman of Cadburys who started the week attacking Kraft, but swiftly reversed course in the face of the new offer and welcomed the new overlords. He says he'll miss being chairman of Cadbury, but the £4.5 million his shares will make should cushion the loss somewhat. So, there is little surprise that some of the workers further down the food chain are rather more worried - as they can't expect that sort of payout when their jobs are declared surplus to requirements.

But I digress. Back to the lovely, sensitive and supportive Mr Wiggin. Even the £11,000 that Bungling Bungalow Bill claimed in mortgage interest for a property that he already owned would help a family get over the tough times ahead, but perhaps I'm just whinging. After all, he was exonerated by his Etonian chum Dave. Even when challenged by his party members to stand down, Bill stood firm
re-selection would "send a signal" that he had done something wrong when he had, in fact, made an error
So that's all right then. He's not done anything wrong. He's made a mistake - something completely different. Anyone can make a mistake...
...repeated 23 times on expenses claims meant to cover the mortgage on his London home but mistakenly attributed to his Herefordshire home

23 times.

But he doesn't whinge about it.

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