Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cameron on Marr

He was promising to cut deeper and faster - just what the economy needs to really kick start that drop into depression. Cameron is right that growth cannot be rebuilt by public spending, but one of the functions of current spending is to sustain the country while the rest of the economy reboots and growth returns, which it will do over the course of the next twelve months - albeit shakily to start with. Those fragile shoots of growth could be fatally damaged by Cameron's undisclosed plans for hack and slash across the board to cut costs. The ongoing financial crisis is a desperate national emergency and borrowing will see us through the worst of it.

They got their response to the initial crisis so magnificently wrong, how can we believe that they'll get this anywhere near right?

Cameron also highlighted his success in turning round the finances of the Conservative Party, reducing a debt of over £20 million to one of around £3 million. As this has been achieved through a voluntary 'tax' payment by rich donors, does this mean that the Tories plan to tax the rich even more? Probably not. And still no answer to the airbrushing conundrum earlier in the week - Cameron has settled on the catchphrase that he is responsible for the message, not the picture, handily sidestepping the issue.

He was also challenged on his policies towards the BBC and chose to remind us that he once worked in television. Actually, CallMeDave worked as a PR wonk for Carlton Communications, talking up the promise of the company's role in that roaring success ITV Digital. You remember that one - the one that went spectacularly bump back in 2002 and had to be replaced by a service supported by the BBC. Dave did such a good job there that he jumped ship a year before the whole thing collapsed.

To add to the fun, it appears that donations have been funnelled to the Conservative Party through a front company, including money from one of their favourite non-doms, Zac Goldsmith.

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