Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dissent at the top

Nikki Sinclaire is clearly having difficulty with the leadership of UKIP, as she has left the Europe of Freedom and Democracy grouping to which UKIP belongs, although she continues her membership of UKIP (for the time being, at least). Refusal to follow the party course is usually something likely to result in disciplinary action, and withdrawal of the whip but in this case, apparently not
I have discussed my position at length with the Leader of UKIP, Lord Pearson, who understands my viewpoint and has assured me of his support both now and in the future in my continued work for UKIP. My move to the non-attached group therefore will not affect in any way my position as a UKIP MEP for the West Midlands.

Her problem with the grouping is that she found some of the other member parties
have a variety of extremist views which includes anti-Semitism, violence and the espousal of a single European policy on immigration. One of these parties, Liga Nord which was expelled from the previous Ind Dem Group, currently holds the Group Presidency jointly with UKIP.In addition, a particular difficulty has arisen for me with the prospect of EFD joining a PAN-European Party whose aim is Party enhancement within the EU rather than extraction from it, to which I am implacably opposed.

But that is not her only issue. It appears that the former leader, Nigel Farage doesn't like her much.
My working relationship and trust with EFD Co-President, Nigel Farage has broken down since his personal admittance to me recently that he wished I had not been elected. The comment “I wish I had only 12 not 13 MEP`s” was made to many people in the aftermath of the European Elections. I have found this personal animosity difficult to work with.I would also like to point out that on a pre arranged interview on the BBC West Midlands Politics Show, Mike Nattrass and I had to spent two thirds of the time defending our membership of the EFD Group and Nigel’s public remarks made about leadership candidates ‘not being credible’.

Despite Nikki promising to support Nigel Farage in his campaign to eject John Bercow from Buckingham, but the swivel-eyed one wasted no time in putting the boot in himself, using a Daily Politics interview to threaten action against her and disclosing the fact that Ms Sinclaire was made bankrupt in 2005, something that he claims she did not disclose back when they selected her. You would think that they would have learnt something from the Ashley Mote case, where he apparently forgot to tell the party that he was about to face trial for fraud. Apparently not.

So, will Nikki still be a UKIP MEP by the summer or will she join the procession of former UKIP MEPs who have left the parliament under a range of clouds.

Still, despite the abuse heaped upon us by Nikki and her West Midlands colleague, Mike Nattrass, at the count - calling Labour and the Tories 'fascists', the Labour MEP Michael Cashman extends a comforting hand
My sympathies go to Nikki Sinclaire. No one should have to suffer such Neanderthal discrimination in the 21st century. However it's proof that if you scrape away the gloss from these extremists, they remain the same terrible bigots. They have never voted for equality or stood up for the rights of minorities.

Farage's dream of detoxifying the party has a LONG way to go yet.
When I took it over, and for a few years before that, UKIP had been riven with in-fighting. We had a brand that was seen by many to be somewhat toxic. I think that has gone.... When I took it over, and for a few years before that, UKIP had been riven with in-fighting. We had a brand that was seen by many to be somewhat toxic. I think that has gone....

You carry on believing that Nigel.

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