Friday, January 15, 2010

Every party has their bad apples.

A man who admitted making nail bombs at his West Yorkshire home has been jailed for 11 years.... [the] arsenal of weapons and explosives included home-made shotguns, pen guns and pistols... [he] also pleaded guilty to six counts of having or collecting documents useful in terrorism... Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said his case was "unique" because of his long and persistent manufacture of guns and explosives.... pleaded guilty to 22 charges at Woolwich Crown Court in November.... Police discovered 12 firearms and 54 improvised explosive devices, which included nail bombs and a booby-trapped cigarette packet, at the home Gavan shared with his mother.
As I heard this story, I was just waiting for the inevitable denouement. And lo, it came to pass...
the court heard [he] was a former member of the BNP
Sadly, his defence wasn't up to much.
He told detectives he had "a fascination with things that go bang", the Old Bailey heard
The judge wasn't a lot better, describing it as
almost an obsession with guns and explosives
ALMOST? I don't think there's any almost about this. This was the largest stock of home-made explosives and weapons ever discovered in that area.
Police uncovered... nail bombs, pipe bombs and a booby-trapped cigarette packet, and 12 firearms - three of them loaded - plus devices in whisky bottles and aerosols. There were also materials for making more devices, including fireworks, weedkiller, hydrogen peroxide and gunpowder. Gavan was also apparently in the process of building a rocket launcher. It took police and Army bomb disposal officers six days to search the room and explode some of the devices to make them safe, during which time shocked neighbours in Colbeck Terrace had to be evacuated.

I think we can safely call this an obsession. Yup, I'll sign off that this is an obsession.

And the BNP membership? That's just a given. The BNP will doubtless

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