Friday, February 05, 2010

Cuts, cuts and more cuts

The Stirrer reports that changes in the council's parks service could leave it unable to comply with legal obligations or government reporting requirements as certain key posts are being scrapped.

Another department which deals with building conservation issues is also facing the axe, as the officer in charge is retiring in March and not being replaced and the staff are expecting further job cuts to come.

Embarrassingly, this came to light at a recent meeting in Yardley, where residents in Acocks Green were stunned to discover that plans for a conservation area in the ward had been delayed, despite a promise from the ineffectual Tory in charge of Regeneration, Cllr Neville Summerfield. Although the Liberal Democrat councillors in the ward had promised a start to the scheme within six months, it was revealed that it wasn't in the departmental work plan at all and that this covers the next eighteen months. With the job losses, even this looks unachievable.

It appears that the plans have now been restored to the work plan, but a start date is still some way away. With the job cuts looming - how realistic is that?

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