Thursday, February 04, 2010

The job of propping up Gordon Brown is not a job I want. We need to make Parliament do its job properly... Under a minority Government, things would have to be discussed and argued about, and what is wrong with that? Ministers would have to get their legislation through by convincing people it is the right thing to do.

Very democratic and laudable.

But odd that this comes from the man who was desperate to prop up the Conservatives in a coalition. Councillors aren't allowed to freely discuss and argue matters - disagreements are hammered into shape behind the closed doors of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative group offices. Cabinet members don't need to to convince councillors, because both groups will do exactly what they are told.

Odd that when the then Cllr Hemming had the influence to achieve this democratic dream, he declined it and signed up to the concordat in 2004. Now he has no influence of which to speak, even within the Liberal Democrat party at Westminster, he's reversed course.


john said...

Because the council is primarily an executive body the separation of powers approach is substantially flawed.

I would prefer that the council reverted to a committee structure, but the law will not allow this.

Anonymous said...

And national Government is...?
The new council set-up was brought in to make it more like Westminster, where Ministers excercise executive power (on behalf of the Monarch!)!
Come off it Lemming, you're a Tory lover who would put Cameron in without missing a breath, and take us all over the cliff.