Monday, February 08, 2010

Still in the Tower

"Life on a council estate is markedly better than it was when I was growing up..."

Nadine Dorries. Conservative MP.
And next week we can look forward to her announcing that....
"It dawned on me suddenly that I could actually be making things worse."
Nadine Dorries MP
Perhaps this flash of self-awareness, a reality about her political career that hit many of us some while back, heralds her retirement from politics. Somehow, I doubt it.

Interesting programme this week. Toryboy Tim Loughton (nope, still no idea) actually came across rather well, trying to understand the issues around living in inner-city Birmingham. I thought Austin Mitchell and wife might have discovered empathy, but the generational gap between a young, middle-aged man and one in his 70s was apparent. I also suspect that some of Austin's humour was a little dry for the editorial taste on the programme. I hope that's the case.

Mark Oaten did himself no favours

Nadine Dorries this week assumed the role abandoned last week by Iain Duncan Smith - he left the series for understandable reasons - and quickly displayed her publicity skills. Required to present herself on a council estate with nothing but her clothes - no credit cards or cash - she secreted a small stash of cash in her bra. When this was discovered - the cash, not her bra - she claimed that it had been brought to allow her to buy presents for the children. Her claim would have been helped if it wasn't for the shifty glance into the camera as she 'explained' the discovery.

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