Friday, February 05, 2010

Not hideous, but diverse

"I feel as if I am home now. As if I have freedom now with all that brings with it. I can go anywhere in the whole world. I can walk tall. This is a country where you can sleep with both eyes closed. Where the chances are that you won't get robbed. Where you can build a house without tall walls. Where you can have any kind of car and no one will challenge you with a gun. Where the police are not lawless. I feel proud. Like I was born again today."
Albery Ekemode, a new British citizen.
Yousif Khaledi, 26, a shop assistant who arrived five years ago from Iraq, was entranced by the talk of British values, diversity and demo­cracy. Enough to sing the ­national anthem when others were only mumbling. He may not sing it again, but that's OK. On any reasonable ­criteria, once is more than enough.

Welcome to Britain, Albert Ekemode and Yousif Khaledi.

However, this other article makes me wonder if we deserve you.

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