Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graphically Challenged

We're all familiar with the Liberal Democrat standard graph - Conservative/Labour can't win here (delete as appropriate)....

The Tories in Yardley have gone better than that. To justify their claim that they CAN win in Yardley, they've taken a more historical perspective, going back to 1918 to show that the Conservatives are actually in second place in Yardley.
On that basis, we should be expecting a Liberal government after May 6th. With a possibility of a return to direct rule by the monarch. Which will be nice.
Still, it is nice to see that the Tories are visible in Yardley, making a change from their previously subterranean profile over the past few years. Their PPC, Meirion Jenkins, has even been appearing at constituency committee meetings, although he has remained rather silent.

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