Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ageism from Clegg?

Apparently, the golden boy is on a tour of London seats tomorrow and if Liberal Democrat candidates want a picture taken with the new conquering hero, then they will have to be under 25 or they don't get a look in.

This is perhaps to do two things. Firstly, it is to show that the Liberal Democrats are young and vibrant (clearly, they haven't seen some of the Liberal councillors in Birmingham, who may be able to tell stories of the last Liberal goverment). Secondly, it is to demonstrate that Nick Clegg is now allowed out on his own without Obi Wan Cable tutoring him in the ways of the Third Force and that Nick Skywalker is now able to look like a leader.

Although doubts may be raised by anyone who saw him squirm when C4 News collared him on a visit to a hospital unit which the local Liberals falsely claim is about to be closed - if they can't find a bandwagon, then spreading unfounded fears is a time-honoured way of starting one.

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