Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bloggers to the Future

Ellie Gellard opened yesterday's manifesto launch. She's a young, bright Labour blogger (damn, but I hate her already) and actually the kind of person we should be encouraging. Thing is, a couple of years ago, she wrote on her blog that she thought Gordon should go. Since then, she's worked out that she was wrong and is as dedicated to re-electing him as Prime Minister as anyone else, but the media are on the attack, with the Daily Mail putting the boot in to this young lady (she doesn't fit their ideal of what a woman should be - too feminist, too political, too left wing).

We're all entitled to make mistakes and to change our minds. The media seek absolute consistency from politicians, regardless of how facts may change. She's only 20 and I don't recall being consistent in my thinking when I was that age -hell, I'm not necessarily consistent 19 years further on. We have thousands of members and it may come as a surprise, but not all of them absolutely believe in every single line of Labour policy. However, what we do believe is that a Labour government offers the best possible future for Britain and we'll work together to achieve that, setting aside our differences.

Because together we are stronger.

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