Monday, April 12, 2010

Conservatives whinging here

Apparently, the Conservatives are complaining about Gordon launching the manifesto at a hospital this morning. I bet they are - nothing speaks to the power of progressive government than this magnificent, £500 million building that completely dominates the skyline as you drive up the Bristol Road into Birmingham. It shows up the failure of the previous Conservative administration, who had a legendary lack of interest in the NHS. They don't want the people to remember that Labour has delivered on promises over the past thirteen years. I keep reminding people that the Tories best promise was to get treatment within eighteen
months. Labour have delivered treatment within eighteen weeks. And the promises continue - a guarantee that cancer diagnostic tests will have results provided to the patient within a week at the outside. Labour promises that you will be able to see a GP every day, including weekends, up until 8pm.

In detail, the Cabinet Office instructed that NHS facilities were not to be used for political events and the Tories think that this has breached the code. It hasn't, simply because this is still a building site surrounded with HERAS fencing and with bits still to be finished. It isn't handed over to the NHS for a good few weeks yet - June is the planned date, I believe.

Just remember, linking Labour and the NHS scares the Tories.


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