Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elvis has left the building

Not for the first time, I'm feeling all Malcolm Tucker and feel a desire to batter some sense into our campaign team and also to check that they are actually working for the party.

One of Gordon's strengths is his depth, his passion and the fact that he is a serious man made for serious times like these. I have to ask precisely how these selling points are highlighted by putting him next to an Elvis impersonator. How does this enhance the status of our Prime Minister? He looked uncomfortable and if he is supposed to relaunch the campaign by having more events involving real people, then starting off with one featuring a dead rock star isn't setting the right tone.

I know that the Tories have at least one clown on the front bench, but they have the good sense to keep Osborne under wraps during the campaign, in the same secure bunker housing Grayling and Letwin.

All we've done is given the Tories and their tame media a whole raft of headlines based on Elvis songs. They don't need our help to make more ammunition.

This must have been dreamed up by the same person who thought that the Ashes to Ashes poster was a good idea. I assume that Mandy was on a lunchbreak when it was imagined. I hope that the originator is now off for a long spell delivering leaflets somewhere remote.

We're supposed to be the government - so let's look like we're in control and not running the entertainment at Butlins circa 1988.

Gimmicks are all very well and this should at least guarantee Gordon some press coverage, but they have to be used sparingly. An impromptu walkabout, a real celebrity endorsement, Geoff Hoon's head on a pole and a supply of rotten fruit - all good. Dodgy impersonators are not.

Leave that to the other parties with their third rate Blair lookalikes for leaders.

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