Monday, April 19, 2010

For everything else, there's Boris

I've been wondering where Boris has got to in this campaign. Despite being one of the most recognisable faces of Toryism in the country and one of the few able to defuse his poshness by turning it up to 11 and making it a lovable, comedy feature, Boris has been noticeably absent from the Dave media circus and I wondered why.

It has to be because Dave is nervous about being upstaged by this larger than life character who resembles a larger than life labrador puppy and that Boris might distract from the focus on Cameron. If you see footage of them together, it is interesting to observe that Cameron seems to defer to Boris and let him take the lead - there is more than just a friendly rivalry there and I doubt that the mayoralty will be the last we hear of Boris. I even wondered if Boris was intentionally keeping his powder dry in case the campaign went sour, ready to leap in and try to save the day in a way that would ensure he would come out of it free of any blame for the car crash that the Tory campaign has become.

So, up until last week, Boris wasn't a high-profile part of the campaign, but then Nick Clegg arrived on the scene and the Conservative game plan seems to have been thrown out of the window completely. Tonight's election broadcast, a carefully honed attack on Labour, was replaced with a begging video from Dave, trying to remind the voters of why we once liked him and why only he has the answers, not nasty Nick.

Yesterday, the Spectator lit the bat signal and Boris appeared with a piece in the Telegraph today and a raft of other media work as well as he was thrown into the fray as desperation stalks the ranks of the Tory party.

Boris to the rescue - but there will be a price to pay down the line for Dave.

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