Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guardian Podcast

To Birmingham University this evening, to watch the recording of the Guardian's weekly politics podcast, with a panel comprising John Harris, Jackie Ashley and one of my favourite journalists, Nick Cohen. Much was made of Cleggmania, with discussion over the issue of Trident and whether the shift in the polls is a permanent one or not. The discussion ranged over the Big Society proposals from the Conservatives, which were not well-received, but that's hardly a surprise from a left-of-centre Guardianista audience and panel. There was even time to bemoan the current state of the Labour campaign and wonder why Labour hasn't been tougher on the banks, complete with contributions from the audience. About the only firm conclusion reached was that the result of this election seems to be unknowable at the moment and the panel were really struggling to forecast the outcome.

It was good to see so many students there (clearly a quiet night at Birmingham Uni), but one of them deserves a talking to, because he said that perhaps the Big Society proposals might - and only might - inspire more young people to get involved in politics. Much as this is a laudable aim, I can remember when Tory leaders inspired us, but it inspired us to protest and to get involved in opposing their policies, not in joining in! But then sometimes I do feel very old.

Thanks, by the way, to Alex at the Guardian for the invitation and I can recommend that you do catch up with the podcast on the website.

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