Friday, April 30, 2010

Let down

Very disappointed that the Guardian has declared for the Liberals - I thought we could rely on that lot for support in our darkest hour. Perhaps they prefer a Tory government.


Alison said...

Very disappointing!

DJB66 said...

Having just read fully the leaders comment from yesterday, some of what they say is correct in my honest opinion. However I don't agree with their views that the Liberal Democrats are the best solution but a Lib/Lab coalition (which is looking increasingly unlikely) is what I am still hoping for given the polls.

I find the Lib Dems' policies weak, particularly on employment and the economy. I am personally not one of Vince Cable's fans and found Nick Clegg's debate performances ridden with cliches.

Still disappointed with the Guardian. Presumably we can expect more of this from the Observer tomorrow!

Alison said...

Whoops - the last comment should have been under Alison! Clicked the wrong button.