Thursday, April 22, 2010

Malevolent outdoes itself

Somebody has decided to dump a truckload of carefully stored manure onto Nick Clegg's reputation this morning. Odd hints of financial impropriety and a dose of anti-patriotism fill the Tory front pages, as the smears begin in earnest. It will make uncomfortable reading for the Liberals, but should also make the Tories concerned. If this is what their campaign has come down to, then they really are bereft of ideas.

This is clearly the new style of politics that Cameron wanted.

I've never shied away from covering the less than angelic side of the Liberals, which contrasts with their positive, media-friendly image, but this stuff this morning is just nasty.

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thebluemenace said...

Clegg is a hypocrite.

He is an expenses cheat, a liar and fraud.

The closer you look, the murkier it gets.

The British people have a right to know.