Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tactical error

Magnificent as the venue for yesterday's campaign launch was, I think that holding the press conference in the same room as the party activists was a mistake. Nick Robinson was booed for asking a question that seemed to go on longer than the campaign itself, but the activist's ire was reserved for a hack from The Sun, who was roundly booed and hissed - sounds not properly heard on the BBC feed. Gordon joked that if we didn't have a fair press, at least we had a fair audience, but the Sun hack was not impressed.

Unsurprisingly, he took his revenge by describing the event as a fiasco. Clearly, he was at a different event.

The tribalist part of me enjoys seeing a partial part of the media like The Sun given a taste of the derision it has heaped on us over recent months, but the realist in me knows that while the paper may have chosen its side for the battle currently raging, there is no point in poking a stick into that particular nest of vipers and winding the press up more than we have to. It may be fun, bur it isn't wise.

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