Saturday, April 17, 2010

Take That

You'd expect something out of the hat from the Tories after Cameron's poor show last night. Something exciting in policy terms - legalising hunting poor people, perhaps, or just something aimed at immigrants. Really, anything to shift the focus from Cameron's failure.

So the brains at CCHQ must have been grinding overtime into the small hours to come up with the strikingly original concept of a national singing competition for schools, rather like the X Factor.

Trust me, I am just about resisting a full-on Malcolm Tuckerish explosion.

Yes, Dave, this is exactly what the country needs right now. The economy is starting to toddle again now, but still needs lots of care and attention, but stuff that, we need yet another bloody singing competition to fill up Saturday nights on one or other of the channels.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. This lightweight could be Prime Minister in a matter of weeks. Excuse me, I need to nip off and bang my head against the nearest wall.

Meanwhile, even as Gary Barlow outed himself as a Tory, I will remind those of you who like your politics with a dash of stardust that we can roll out the top names as well. We had Sean Pertwee and David Tennant earlier in the week, but now I give you a particularly fine election broadcast courtesy of the equally fine Mr Edward Izzard.

I like this PEB for a few reasons. It is simple, unfussy, is well-delivered, funny and it takes on one of the most insulting Tory campaigns. For some reason, the Conservatives, who miss no opportunity to wrap themselves in the Union Flag, love to do this country down. Cameron and Osborne talked down the recession, they talked down the recovery and Cameron and others have continued to spout on about a broken country. Well, we're not broken. Things are very far from perfect - we all know that - but to say that we're broken is genuinely insulting and I wish they'd either stop doing it or stop claiming to be patriotic, because you can't do both.

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