Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tax break for marriage (terms and conditions apply)

The Tories have railed against social engineering threatening the individual's scope for choice, but their tax cut is designed to help particular family structures - it is engineering on a small scale, but engineering nonetheless.

The IFS reveals that the cut will only help 32% of married couples - the vast majority won't see a penny, so this cannot possibly be justified as a recognition of marriage, only a recognition of a particular kind of Conservative-approved marriage. If you have one partner earning up to £42,455 a year and the other on less than around £6,000, then you'll gain a whopping £3 a week. If you have two people both in part-time, minimum wage work, then they get nothing. Zip. Nada. Nor does it help the really poor - if you both earn less than your personal allowance, then there is no benefit to you at all. To gain

Against all Tory promises, it makes the tax system even more complex and there seems to have been no consideration of the administration costs of a system that actually offers little benefit to those who DO gain from it.

This is, yet again, spin and froth in place of genuine economic policy.

Why would you expect anything more from the Conservative Party.?

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