Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tories on the "Big Society"

The 'big society' is bollocks. It is boiled vegetables that have been cooked for three minutes too long. It tastes of nothing. What is it?

And that's a Conservative view.

The wheels appear to be coming off yet another policy that is heavy on spin, but light on substance. Campaigners are finding it hard to sell this nebulous idea, an Oliver Letwin special, on the doorsteps and the campaign is being reworked at a high level.

I doubt that what is effectively a campaign relaunch will be of any use at this late stage in the game. Cameron will have to perform out of his socks on Thursday and hope that Clegg and Brown prove to be entirely ineffectual if he is to have any hope of salvaging the campaign and delivering a Tory majority - an outcome that is looking increasingly unlikely. In fact, it seems most likely that Cameron's favoured first-past-the-post system will actually allow the party in third place to form a government by dint of having most seats. Following that, expect the Labour and Liberal leaderships to sort out a referendum on replacing the voting system and the Tory leadership to sort out their own problems in a typically brutal way

"By then we would have murdered our leader and his head would be on a stake. The last week shows how thin our support was. There is no great enthusiasm for Cameron."

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