Friday, May 07, 2010

Here come the Tory recriminations

If only Cameron had been more Conservative, says James Delingpole in the Telegraph.
Britain did not want another Heir to Blair. The Mk I version was quite bad enough. Britain did not want a faux Conservative whose role models were grim lefty termagant Polly Toynbee and Satan-worshipping leftist agitator Saul Alinsky. Britain found itself – quelle surprise – oddly reluctant to get in any way enthused by Dave’s bouncy new “Big Society” plan for teenagers and grandmothers to be compelled every other week to whitewash their local community centre.
That’s because what Britain really wanted – and definitely needed – was a charismatic leader more akin to Margaret Thatcher. Someone capable of restoring Britain’s economic efficiency and rolling back the state; someone who, instead of wittering on about how much they cared about the NHS, might understand the needs and aspirations (which Cameron doesn’t and never has) of the hard-working middle classes; someone who valued the principle of liberty and realised just how much of it we’ve lost in the last 13 years; someone unafraid to address issues of concern to so many people such as immigration and the growing power of the European Socialist Superstate.

He's not a happy bunny.
Cameron would have been quite capable of doing all this. But because he has no real personal ideology – as is the way with rich toffs in Conservative safe seats

Oof. Steve Hilton gets it in the neck and the only true believer worthy of praise is the scary Michael Gove.

So, who's next to take pot shots at Cameron?

If he can't do a deal with the Liberal Democrats, then this will only get worse and he will be gone within weeks.