Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In hiding

Continuing on the thread from earlier, Cameron has also ducked an interview on BBC Five Live.

What with his sudden refusal to do anything that is not closely controlled - in contrast to Gordon, who is taking calls on Five Live as I write and a sudden interest in using the force of the law to suppress scrutiny, should we be worried about this shower who are already measuring the Downing Street curtains? It seems that in recent weeks, a Panorama report on Lord Ashcroft of Belize has been spiked following legal threats and both the BBC and Channel Four have been warned off by the lawyers over the Phillipa Stroud 'gay exorcism' story.

Yet when one no-hoper Labour candidate throws his toys out of the pram, the monstrous regiments of the national media hang on his every word with a reverence usually reserved for elder statesmen.

So we aren't allowed to hear about the business dealings of a major Tory donor and member of the legislature or about the superstitions driving a woman who is likely to be a Tory MP by the end of Thursday, but nutty views of a candidate who can't even count on support from his mother get full spectrum coverage.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure who your mother in law is voting for ?

PoliticalHack said...

Yes. Despite being courted by the Lib Dems, she's voting for the party best placed to deliver for pensioners. That would be Labour, then.

ianrobo said...

You know what I give up on the press, today the BBC on their flash bit had all about Cameron until it was pulled.

Journo's should not be afraid to publish because all news should be there, if they were labour stories would they have been so hesitant ?