Monday, May 03, 2010

Nasty party? What nasty party?

Last week, we had Philip Lardner dropped as a candidate by the Conservatives for stating his belief that it was wrong to teach

that homosexuality is 'normal' behaviour or an equal lifestyle choice to traditional marriage

which was the whole cause of the infamous section 28 - a law created to prevent an offence that never took place. He was treated far more harshly than Chris Grayling, who believes that it is reasonable to discriminate against gay people, but who survives on the Tory front bench, where he revels in spreading fear through misleading crime statistics. This week, we have Philippa Stroud, Conservative PPC for Sutton and Cheam, who apparently believes that the power of prayer can drive out the demons of gayness and make the gay straight. As an aside, she also belongs to a church that holds to patriarchal values, instructing that wives should be submissive to their husbands (raising the question of who will REALLY be voting when Ms Stroud passes through the lobby as a Tory MP). Indeed, a Tory councillor Denis Knowles on the Wirral, was suspended for posting on Facebook about 'limp-wristed campaigners.'

This may explain why Tory support by the readers of Gay News has dropped from 39% ten months ago to just 9% now.

Then we have the two Tory candidates suspended for a fracas at a John Prescott campaign stop in Poplar

The former Deputy Prime Minister was due to meet voters in Chrisp Street market, with local parliamentary candidate Jim Fitzpatrick when hecklers appeared, wearing face masks. Supporters kept them away from Prescott. One 46-year-old Labour member, also a council candidate, was punched in the stomach and a 61-year-old woman was knocked to the ground.According to police, one man was arrested at the scene and another a short time later. Both were questioned on suspicion of assault.

And in West Worcestershire, a royal visit by Nick Clegg was disrupted by local Conservatives, when the Liberal leader was

confronted by an angry chairman of West Worcestershire Conservatives, Dr Ken Pollock.... who is also a county councillor, was said to have “lunged” at the Liberal Democrat leader in a bid to confront him about the content of an election leaflet distributed locally.

And then today, we have two Conservatives suspended for a racist joke that Bernard Manning would have rejected. Oh, the hilarity.

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