Sunday, May 09, 2010

Scalps wanted - Osborne will do for a start

The Tories are revolting. Hell, we knew that, but the anger at Dave's failure to translate millions of Cashcroft's pounds, a government that has had 13 years to make enemies, a thundering global recession and a prime minister who lacks PR slickness into a thumping majority in favour of rolling back government is starting to surface in unattributable briefings.

There is the style of Cameron's campaign management
"He ran his campaign from the back of his Jaguar with a smug, smarmy little clique – people like Osborne, Letwin and Michael Gove. He should get rid of all of them. The party will settle for nothing less."

There is the grand strategy of the Big Society, which was pithily described by one Tory MP as
"Complete crap.... We couldn't sell that stuff on the doorstep. It was pathetic. All we needed was a simple message on policy. We could have won a majority if we had not had to try to sell this nonsense"

It is even reported that Lord Cashpoint himself is displeased with Dave - not least for his agreement to take part in the three debates that created the short-lived Cleggmania. Lord Tebbit can be dismissed as the ravings of a nutter, but these other criticisms are from people currently involved and they are being voiced in the darker corners of the Westminster village.

There is also the issue of the minor celebrities, selected as A-listers to demonstrate the diversity and decontamination of the brand. A number of these, selected in winnable seats, crashed and burned spectacularly, including Annuziata Rees-Mogg, Shaun Bailey, Joanne Cash and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, who all failed to win their target seats.

Dave has been slavishly following the Blair blueprint to power, but has clearly pushed the accelerator to the floor, so with cracks appearing in the facade within 48 hours of the election, I fully expect calls for Cameron to resign by the end of the week, with Osborne demanding his turn as Prime Minister before May is out.

Grab the popcorn and a deck-chair, folks. This could be a fascinating summer if the Tories decide that now is the right time to start their blood-letting.


Fergus said...

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Cameron will be PM within days, and the long dark night that was Gordon Brown's premiership will be gone (though it's legacy will taint this country for years to come).

PoliticalHack said...

Not so sure now, Fergus.