Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Elected mayors to be imposed

I'm hearing that Birmingham will be required to have an elected mayor without a referendum on the matter. Instead, there will be a confirmatory ballot AFTER the event.

So much for local democracy.


roger harmer said...

I'd be interested to hear where you heard this from, John. The lastest CLG plan, issued yesterday has the following listed as action 4.1:

"Legislate through the Localism Bill for directly elected Mayors to enable the largest 12 cities in England to have Mayors from 2012, subject to confirmatory referenda..."

This would seem to be pretty unequivocal.

PoliticalHack said...

Roger - it came from a LGC piece and I was surprised. I suspect that the journo got the wrong end of the stick about the confirmatory referenda and ssumed that it would be after the event.

That would be a mighty brave step to take.