Sunday, August 08, 2010

Got Milk? Apparently so.

"The complete withdrawal of free milk for our school children would be too drastic a step"
Margaret Thatcher, Secretary of State for Education, 1974

Last night, it was revealed that the Tories were thinking of scrapping free milk for nursery children, when Anne Milton wrote to her counterparts in the devolved governments that she was considering the status of the last remaining element of the 1940s Welfare Food Scheme - a step too far even for the Iron Lady herself.

Within twelve hours, a government that previously promised not to be dictated to by the twenty-four hour news agenda had responded to a building wave of opposition across the media and reversed a policy that had not yet been set in stone. The U-Turn was so swift that they didn't even give a warning to Two Brains Willetts, who started his appearance on the Andrew Marr Show this morning defending a policy that was changed beneath him as the interview progressed - it was left to the stand-in presenter to let Willetts know that the policy had shifted.

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