Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nasty and stupid

The government plans to scrap the NHS Direct telephone service, staffed by trained, qualified nurses and replace it with a call centre filled with agents who have had just three days' training. This is a service that is estimated to save the NHS service some £200 million a year - rather more than it costs. It also provides valuable advice and reassurance to thousands of patients every day, but none of that matters to the halfwits in government.

Nothing so demonstrates the utter ruthlessness of this Tory/Liberal Democrat government as how they are handling the lives of their employees. The fetish of slashing what the state does is more important than basic decency, let alone good employment practice, as ministers seem to believe that the media is an appropriate channel to let people know that their jobs are being scrapped - as staff at the Audit Commission can confirm.

John Prescott is on the ball, using Cameron's promise that a petition with 100,000 supporters will get a Commons debate. Time to sign it -

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john said...

Health Minister Mike O'Brien said: "Patients have told us that they need clear, easy advice on how to find healthcare quickly when it's less urgent than 999 and I am delighted that Ofcom has allocated 111 for these purposes.

"This will be particularly useful outside of GP surgery hours and for people who are away from home."