Monday, August 02, 2010

Vinnie Nicholls and the Big Society

Apparently, the Archbishop of Westminster is in favour of the Big Society.

I particularly liked his comment
"The last government was too overarching. In attempting to create a state that provided everything, it ended up losing touch with the people it was trying to serve."

You should remember that this is the leader of the Catholic Church in England speaking - the same Church that forbade members from even discussing the matter in public. A vocal supporter of female ordination was the leading theologian Lavinia Byrne, who left her religious order in 2000 after being pressured by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith to publicly affirm support for the Vatican's position on women priests, married priests and contraception. By the way, the Prefect of the Congregation at that point was one Cardinal Ratzinger, who has done rather well for himself since then.

This is also the Church that has wilfully and knowingly relocated child abusers to protect the good name of the Church and to conceal them from the authorities. This is the Church that recently insisted that ordaining a woman as a priest was the spiritual equivalent of child abuse. The Pope has described homosexuality as an 'intrinsic moral evil.' This is the same Church that opens the doors to married clergymen from the Church of England, simply because they cannot bear the idea of women as priests or bishops, not because of a genuine conversion to the tenets of Catholicism.

Matthew, 7:3-5, Cardinal.

He also feels that this government will listen more - which translates into 'listen and do what we want' - after Labour signally failed to alter legislation to permit religious adoption agencies to continue to discriminate.
"There is a fresh attitude on the part of the Government that seems to respect the integrity of what a faith group wants to do, and respect its language, so that a faith community coming into cooperation with others will not have to sing from their hymn sheet. It marks a shift from the last government, which required a high degree of conformity to its own theories. And if they clashed with those of a faith community then either the partnership came to an end or the faith group had to conform.”

And if you cannot perform your duties without regard for equality and human rights, then you should not be allowed to perform them under a public aegis. Sorry Cardinal, but that's the way things should be.

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