Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Tax avoidance and evasion is morally indefensible'

So said Danny Alexander at the Liberal Democrat conference, as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Admirable sentiments - we do have a moral duty to pay our way in society. He's in pursuit of some £6-£7 billion of unpaid tax - whether that includes the £1.5 billion underpaid thanks to errors by HMRC isn't clear.

Perhaps Mr Alexander could explain exactly why Vodafone, a massive global company, has been allowed to escape its moral duty to pay a whopping £6 billion tax bill. Or perhaps he should investigate just how much tax News International should be paying. And then he can explain why HMRC tax collectors are being cut, despite their demonstrable capacity to raise tax several times in excess of their pay.

Because Danny couldn't just be spouting platitudes, could he?

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