Saturday, September 04, 2010

The blame game

A joy of outsourcing is that you have someone else to blame for everything that goes wrong, so Cllr Neville Summerfield (Con, Brandwood) wins an early prize for chutzpah, as he attacks Amey - the proprietors since June of Birmingham's outsourced roads - for not repairing Allens Croft Road in Kings Heath, which is, like many other roads, covered in cracks and pot holes.

This has come to a head because National Express West Midlands are threatening to remove a bus service because of persistent damage being caused to the vehicles by the appalling condition of the road surface.

Cllr Summerfield comments

We have waited several months for basic repairs to be carried out and feel totally ignored. Amey has promised to transform Birmingham’s roads and pavements and so far we have seen very little evidence of this.

It makes you wonder who has been responsible for repairs to the City's roads for the past six years, years that have seen the quality of road surfaces decline massively, as the City Council chose to hold repairs back to let the private contractors carry the cost. Rather than accepting the weight of blame for more than 320 weeks of inaction by his Tory colleagues, Cllr Summerfield chooses to blame a contractor who has been in charge for just 12 weeks.

Expect lots more of this from the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, but do remember who let the roads decay to their current, dangerous state.

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