Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Touchy, aren't they?

Nick Clegg's Sunday question and answer session saw him criticise the media for their coverage of the Liberal Democrats, blaming the Labour press for the party's media profile. As the 'Labour press' currently consists of the Daily Mirror, although the Guardian appears to be realising the error it made in backing Clegg in May as the 'Liberal moment' has passed, this was a remarkable assertion on his part in complete defiance of the facts.

Today, Paul Burstow, keen to make new enemies turned on the Guardian, saying he
would encourage people to ... stop reading the Guardian, because the Guardian is a spreader of misinformation and lies ... We as a party advocated greater choice and control in public services ... Do not be misled by editors of the Guardian who have not read the white paper [on NHS reform], who have not the coalition programme for government, who have not read our manifesto. Do not believe them.

And to round off the day, Alistair Carmichael took the opportunity of an interview on BBC News 24 to round on the BBC for 'disgraceful' coverage of the conference, unhappy that it does not highlight the support for St Nick amongst the party faithful.

Anyone would think that they are trying to control the media....

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