Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to the party, comrade

Another Liberal Democrat councillor renounces his errors and joins the Labour Party. A local lad, Cllr Simon Slater serves the Shirley West ward on Solihull council and was the Liberal Democrat sacrificial lamb PPC before the Caroline Spelman machine in Meriden in May. He's had enough, even if it might offend his mother.

Before the election Nick Clegg talked about not cutting too fast or too deep, he talked about protecting the most vulnerable in society, fairness for students and meaningful constitutional reform, and he fought against a Tory VAT bombshell. But now in government he has betrayed everything he said he believed in and everyone who voted for him. The national Liberal Democrat leadership seem more interested in securing the top jobs with their new Tory friends in government than any principle.

Welcome, Simon. And without pausing for breath, here comes another one.

Ben Curran, a new councillor in Sheffield has also seen the light and decided to cross the floor.
"I was bitterly disappointed with where the party was going nationally with Nick Clegg and I was also left disillusioned with the lack of resistance shown by the Lib Dems locally with all the savage cuts that have hit this city. The disgraceful decision to cancel the Forgemasters loan is a case in point. As Sheffield Lib Dem councillors, we were asked to defend what turned out to be a completely unjustifiable decision and it soon transpired that all the reasons in favour of cancelling the loan were just a pack of lies. My personal values haven't changed but the political landscape has."
They won't be the last.

There's even one here that's led the way and joined the Conservatives, Cllr Ron Cockings has rejoined the party that he left in the 1970s and abandoned the Liberal Democrats, apparently because they too are having issues with the national coalition. I wonder if Nick agrees with him.

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