Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any answers Mr Hemming?

Local members of the Communication Workers Union have been trying to find out their MP's stance on the privatisation of the Royal Mail, but he has declined to meet their representatives, citing a need to serve his constituents as a priority - not that this has kept him in the past from speaking at the World Toilet Summit in Belfast.

I'm a constituent of Mr Hemming and I'd like to know if he supports this government's plans to privatise the Royal Mail. It is a matter of concern to many people in Yardley and we certainly found a good deal of support for keeping the service public when we've been out on the streets campaigning.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a sudden interest you've taken in the Royal Mail and Hemmings stance.

Nothing to do with the money and the help their giving Yardley CLP?

PoliticalHackUK said...

Hi anonymous - who appears to have logged in from UCE.

No sudden interest - I've queried Lib Dem policy on the Royal Mail before. It has come to the fore again because the bill is going through the House.

My question was inspired by the CWU because they revealed that they were not getting an answer and I offered to raise it, as he has often engaged with me in the past.

As should be apparent, I plough my own furrow on this blog, so my question has nothing whatsoever to do with any money or help that they may be offering my CLP.