Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Conference Report

Rumours drift out from the ICC that the Birmingham, Solihull and bits of Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership is set to get a greenlight to move forwards.

In a demonstration of how this government listens to local people, the government will impose a mayor on Birmingham, something for which there is precisely no significant local demand. Ironically, it is being suggested that the great Tory opponent of an elected mayor, Mike Whitby, will find himself in possession of that office. I understand also that the rumours are correct that the imposition will be subject to a confirmatory referendum after the event.

So much for democracy and local choice.


ianrobo said...

are you seriously suggesting mate that the mayor will not even be elected but just the current leader ?

PoliticalHack said...

Not suggesting, stating a fact. That's how it will be. The council leader will transform into the mayor until a proper election/referendum.