Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hemming - the nation's most ridiculous MP?

The MP, a lost cat and a stolen kitten

In a crowded field the person who holds the crown as the nation's most ridiculous MP is surely John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat millionaire who sits for Birmingham Yardley. His blog carries "lost cat" appeal for Beauty, and an offer of a reward. Yesterday, Christine Hemming, the MP's wife, appeared in court charged with breaking into the home of Emily Cox, the MP's lover, and stealing a kitten. When asked whether she preferred to be addressed as Mrs or Miss, she replied: "I'm not quite sure." You would think, under the circumstances, that the last thing he would want to do is announce that a kitten has gone missing.
Incidentally, this story has gone global, having been picked up by the New York Times, the Melbourne Herald-Sun, the Toronto Sun, MSNBC in the US and detailed coverage by the Daily Mail over here, with quotes from Mrs Hemming and someone close to the MP.
A source close to the MP said of his living arrangements: ‘John’s love life is tangled to say the least. He has been living in two places for a long, long time, apparently maintaining relationships with Emily and Christine. He hasn’t formally split up with either woman, but when his wife is accused of stealing his girlfriend’s kitten, it cannot be easy to maintain good relationships with both'
Quote of the week comes in the Evening Mail from John, which I think rather understates the gravity:

This situation does apply a challenge to any relationship, however strong

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