Thursday, October 21, 2010

In pursuit of beauty. Meow.

I think we can say that it has been an odd kind of day for two MPs in particular.

First and foremost for political observers in Birmingham, is John Hemming, MP for Yardley, who has taken his campaign to replace Lembit Opik as the joker in the Liberal Democrat pack to new heights. He used his website to publicise the search for a missing kitten, Beauty and I'm only to happy to throw the weight of the PoliticalHackUK posse behind the search for his daughter's kitten. We've lost three kittens over the years - mostly to traffic - so I understand how awful it is. Besides, John needs cats to guard the drinks cabinet.
Rapidly, the story moved on, as John's wife faced the Birmingham magistrates, having been charged with burgling the home of John's lover, Cllr Emily Cox and the theft of a tabby kitten, valued at £20. Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. Naturally, now charges have been laid, the matter is sub judice and I feel constrained from commenting further, other than to note that this story has some way to run yet. There will be a trial at the Crown Court and other things may develop as John has described his domestic status as 'an unclear situation.' Not for the first time.

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The Marquis said...

John Hemming looking for another young pussy, then......