Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning after

Well, yesterday's blog post about Nadine Dorries certainly caused some fuss - indeed it was a record day for visitors to my humble blog. There was entirely uncalled for praise from David Allen Green, the mysterious @theCredo and Tim Ireland as a little twitterstorm ensued. Most curious and exceptional was a brief challenge from @DarkBlondAngel, who has set herself up as a defender of Nadine and started throwing barely disguised threats around at both myself and David (a lawyer by profession and a rather good one).
I humoured her for a while, but my comments are sourced or are genuinely held opinions. As always, my policy on right to reply / correction is simple - the door is open. Where I have made mistakes, I have always admitted them and made a correction. If I have made a mistake with regard to Nadine Dorries, then she is welcome to comment and it is guaranteed to be published (presuming it doesn't break the basic rules of politeness that I apply to comments). You see, I publish comments. I welcome them. That's how a blog works.
Despite DarkBlondAngel's pseudo-legal questioning of me, she has declined to answer what is her own connection to Nadine. I don't believe - and nobody else has suggested - that anything I wrote was libellous or erroneous, so, with the proviso of the offer of right to reply, my only other reply to DarkBlondAngel and anyone else who wants to wave threats of legal action around at me is that contained in Arkell v Pressdram.

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