Monday, November 22, 2010

New logo for Liberal Democrats?

Incidentally, Vince Cable appeared on the Politics Show to stress that the Liberal Democrats are not breaking their pledge to vote against any increase in tuition fees and even if they are, they are bound by the coalition agreement.
Up to a point, Secretary of State. It was only ever likely that the Liberal Democrats were going to be in power as a result of a coalition - nobody believed that there was any chance of Nick Clegg becoming Prime Minister in May. Signing such a firm commitment amounts to obtaining the votes of students through deception - it now appears that tuition fees weren't a red-line issue for the Liberal Democrats, although you wouldn't know that from their pre-election publicity. Indeed, one of our local Lib Dem MPs wrote on her blog that

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has announced that scrapping tuition fees would remain one of the party's most important policies...

Labour and the Conservatives refuse to address the issue of fees and there is a real danger that both of them would lift the cap on fees which could mean even more debt for students when they leave university...

It's simply wrong to penalise people who want to make the best of themselves by saddling them with enormous mortgage-style debts from the day they graduate.

Incidentally, the coalition agreement allowed the Liberal Democrats to abstain, not to slavishly adopt the Tory policy - Vince himself was making noises about a graduate tax over the summer and right up to the point where the Browne report was published.

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