Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tories solve homelessness problem at a stroke... redefining homelessness.

So if you get evicted by your landlord because your Housing Benefit no longer covers enough of the rent and he has declined your offer to renegotiate the rent downwards (yes - the Tories think this will happen), the local authority won't prioritise helping you because you won't actually be homeless.
Freud said it could be "quite valuable" to revise the current criteria in place, arguing: "We have found it very difficult to define homelessness in this country
Orwell would have been proud.
He also rejected suggestions of a new exodus of the poor from the centre of cities to the suburbs of the kind seen in Paris, pointing out 70% of tenants in the private rental sector had anyway only been in their accommodation for three years or less. He also insisted it was fair to ask low-income families to move out of homes the working poor could not afford.

These just don't follow - he states that there won't be an exodus because most tenants haven't been there long, which is a non sequitur. And as we all know, there are more working claimants of HB than unemployed claimants.

Lord Freud also told people to stop whinging

The average commuter in London travels 15 miles a day, and there was a strong likelihood that those shifted to outer London would readily find work. He said those tenants that need to move to cheaper accommodation in the suburbs will not put undue pressure on school places, pointing out that there are 50,500 surplus places in London in primary schools and 31,000 in secondary schools.

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