Monday, November 01, 2010

What we learned this weekend: Lib Dems have thin skins

We had Nick Clegg being interviewed in Esquire magazine - and covered in the Daily Mail - about how life has been. Apparently, life has been difficult following his abandonment of the Sheffield Forgemaster loan

I’m getting dog excrement through my letterbox. People are spitting at me.
I'm not going to condone that sort of behaviour - although I keep getting Focus shoved through my letterbox. What is interesting is the coda that the Mail adds to that story

Last night neighbours of Mr Clegg’s home in Putney, south-west London, said they had never seen any harassment or vandalism. And a female neighbour of his constituency home in Sheffield said: ‘This is a very respectable area and whoever has done it will not be from round here.'
Are they suggesting that the Deputy Prime Minister isn't being entirely truthful?

Cleggy also feels hurt when Labour - and others - attack him as a 'charlatan.'
I find it odd when people make personal remarks about people they haven't met. I think it's demeaning. If you take a dislike, then fine. But justify it.
Is he really so lacking in self-awareness that he doesn't understand how disappointed people are in his party's behaviour? The reversals over tuition fees, VAT and the cuts - amongst other things - have proved upsetting for many and charlatan seems remarkably mild. I'm having to review my The Thick of It box set to develop new lines of invective to hurl at the screen whenever one of the coalition puts in an appearance.

It also comes to something when Danny Alexander (pictured being reprogrammed by Vince Cable) feels hurt by a throwaway comment from Harriet Harman. Her mistake in calling him a ginger rodent wasn't insulting redheads - my own daughter felt more insulted by the thought that it might imply that redheads supported the Liberal Democrats. The error was allowing attention to be diverted from the coalition's crude economic experiment.

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