Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year from Birmingham City Council

Day 21 dawns and still the binmen cometh not.

I'm beginning to think that Godot may have been hired as casual staff.

From the spin across the local press, you would think that there isn't a problem - the casual staff hired to supplement the full-time employees who are working to rule have apparently been out and about across the weekend clearing the backlog. The ones who can drive have been, certainly.

Well, I've been driving around Acocks Green, Stechford, Hodge Hill, Hall Green, Billesley and Kings Norton and I can tell you that there are plenty of roads with the black bags piling up and the stench now rising with the thaw. The council tell us that some of the roads were inaccessible because of ice, but I can point to major routes that were heavily used throughout the snow and ice (which vanished over a week ago in any case) where bags still lie heavy on the ground.

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Councillor Mike Leddy said...

Hi John,
Not to mention the fact that the same department have crews out delivering 'Green bags', for garden waste, which is a service suspended till late February.
This being the case, why are they not using these individuals on black bag collections, why aren't they using the refuse trucks in storage at Amey's depot in Aston, why aren't they just clearing up the rubbish.
It was the same with gritting, just before Christmas. It's the same Strategic Director, same portfolio, same Cabinet Member who were responsible for that fiasco too.