Monday, January 31, 2011

Speaking from his padded cell...

They will have to win. Anything less and their reputation would be in tatters. It is the equivalent of Lewis Hamilton entering a go-kart race - he will be the strong favourite but there is also the possibility he could lose. So why risk it?

So speaks the former manager of the former boyband Blue, when hearing the news that they are set to represent Royaume Uni at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest - the annual safety valve that allows national and international prejudices to be paraded upon a European stage and has probably done more to keep the EU nations from declaring war on each other than any other institution. He clearly suffers from delusions about the musical significance and reputation of Blue, who reformed in 2009 due to lack of public demand. (Incidentally, Lewis Hamilton was a very fine karter - a friend of mine's son used to race against him back in the day).

More terrifying than that is the news that Ireland have chosen the musical talents of Jedward to showcase what the Emerald Isle has to offer. Clearly, RTE have decided that given the costs of staging the show, the risk of putting up a serious candidate is too high, so have gone with the My Lovely Horse approach. Expect douze points from the UK jury.

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