Friday, February 11, 2011

Gove's 'abuse of power'

As Pencilandpapertest points out, Gove came out fighting after a judge had accused him of an abuse of power by scrapping the Building Schools for the Future programme without any reference to an equalities assessment or with any consultation with the local authorities involved.

Rather than admit he had made a mistake, he couldn't wait to point out that nobody should get their hopes up that he would reach a different decision. He didn't accept that he had been manifestly unfair or needlessly rushed a decision - as if the fiasco over the innumerable lists of scrapped projects wasn't evidence enough. He can't find the cash to replace crumbling schools -Sandwell's scheme was an ambitious plan to completely restructure and reorder the council's school system, making the whole thing fit for the future - but turn up with a half-baked plan to open an ironically-titled 'free' school and Gove will chuck wads of cash in your general direction.

"I am delighted that the Judge has ruled in my favour”. To go with his peculiar interpretation of making a decision that was deemed to be both unlawful and an abuse of power, Gove chooses to add an unpleasant whiff of eau-de-gloat, picking out the following for our delectation: “…no-one should gain false hope from this decision.

In other words, he has already decided the outcome.


Local authorities, pupils, parents, courts - is there anyone that Gove doesn't hold in contempt?

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