Saturday, February 19, 2011

The John Glen story continues

A comment today from Mr Glen himself (or someone who claims to be him)

This is John Glen - how about the fact that I have a massive mortgage on the flat in London which is rented out, It has been rented out since I got married 2 years before I came an MP in 2010. I can't use it now as the expenses system says I need to rent somewhere (at higher public expense incidentally) than the mortgage interest payment. I am more than happy with that system and will take any questions on my expenses. Call me "selfish, self-serving creep" if you like Raymond - but these are the facts which I recognise you don't care too much for....
Comment via Twitter also from Oliver King, the C4 News programme editor, who adds that

the mp was left in no doubt what his piece was about.

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