Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Even the police are hacked off - this comes from the chairman of the Sergeant's Central Committee of the Police Federation, clearly a hotbed of far left activity and subversion.

The Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) has dominated the political and policing landscape, the consequences of which will affect the future of policing, our pensions and terms and conditions for many years to come. The Chancellor, George Osbourne, initially indicated that cuts in the police budget would be no more than 14%, but well below the 25% that was predicted. However, it soon became clear that we were looking at a real cut of at least 20% unless local authorities were to raise the local tax precept. Central government has no authority to raise the policing precept. The actual cuts in the police service from central government will be 8% in the first year, 6% in the second and then two years of 4% cuts. Unlike in other areas the government has shamefully chosen not to prioritise policing.

The result will be completely destructive to policing as we know it. Indeed, HMIC warned earlier this year that cuts beyond 12% would result in service delivery being affected. Leading up to this we predicted large scale cuts in police numbers and an early Christmas for criminals, and were accused of scaremongering by government, but they will never admit that we were right.Who is going to kettle the police when they march on Westminster?

Maggie had the sense to keep the police onside, Cameron and Clegg haven't learned that lesson.

(Hat tip to @lisaansell)

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