Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stunner Sally Shares Sexy Secrets...

And so on.

Yes, Sally Bercow was naive to believe that a photoshoot of her clad only in a hotel sheet with a backdrop of the Mother of Parliaments wouldn't make waves, but that has little to do with the anger directed her way. The attacks on her are fuelled by the desire of the right wing of the Tory party to destroy the man who was once seen as their standard-bearer, but who has traitorously been on a progressive, leftward journey, one that has taken him to the left of Portillo - another who was once marked as a leader of the right. The wingnuts of the party will not rest until Mr Speaker Bercow is evicted from his apartments and his position and replaced with virtually anyone else.

The only thing more entertaining has been the comments from the rentaquote mob, who have also shown a striking lack of self-awareness or, indeed, irony.

Christine Hamilton described Sally's performance as 'demeaning' - this from a woman married to a money-grabbing little halfwit, who threw away a job for life as MP for Tatton for the sake of a few brown envelopes stuffed with cash from the then owner of Harrods. Following the court cases, they were reduced to doing anything for cash. I saw them both in the Rocky Horror Show and the sight of Neil Hamilton in suspenders is one that no amount of therapy has been able to wipe from my mind's eye. I shall share my pain with you.

Anne Widdecombe used the term 'undignified', even though she was last seen being used as a floor-polisher on Strictly Come Dancing.

And the unreformed Tories crawled out of the woodwork to snipe anonymously

A senior Conservative backbencher accused Mrs Bercow of seeing herself as the "first lady" of British politics and, in a reference to the former president and first lady of the Philippines, said the couple were the Marcoses of British politics. Of Mr Bercow, the MP told the BBC: "If he can't have some influence over his wife's behaviour, then how does he expect to have influence over the behaviour of 600-odd MPs?"

Oh for the good old days where women knew their place, eh?

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