Friday, April 01, 2011

Stay classy, Birmingham

Apparently, Bob Warman is mulling a bid for the Birmingham mayoralty, if it comes to pass following a referendum. He's been approached by an unnamed group of local businessmen who would like him to run. Whether that means that they don't expect to get the level of pliability or support they expect from the mainstream candidates. Apparently,
They want to see Birmingham move ahead, they don’t want to see it bogged down in politics
and Warman will present himself as a non-political independent figure.

Why this is a qualification, I'm not sure. The moment you step into the political arena - and make no mistake, running for the leadership of the largest authority in Europe is an intensely political post, potentially bringing a national profile to the office holder - pretending that you won't be political is at best naive and at worst, downright disingenous. If you are a serious candidate for the office, you need to grasp now that winning will take politics, not a quiet backroom deal with a handful of Birmingham business people with their own agenda, an agenda as yet unscrutinised by anyone.

Typical, you wait for local TV to focus on local politics and it takes a career opportunity for them to notice it.


Anonymous said...

As a Conservative, I don't usually agree with you, but I do on this!

Richard Allen said...

Am I alone in being extremely annoyed at how every mention of potential mayoral candidates seems to treat the referendum as foregone conclusion?