Monday, May 16, 2011

Flying the flag - Pickles tackles the big issues of the day

As councils across the country slash their spending - closing libraries, scrapping youth services and cutting adult services - Commissar Pickles goes after the really big issues that are causing distress up and down the country. And Daz Wright is there to report on Eric's attack on petty regulations about flying flags.

Eric said
"If people want to celebrate something that is important to them by flying a flag they should be able to do so without having to fill in forms or paying town hall officials for the privilege. We will make it easier for people to celebrate their allegiance to a cause, a county or a local organisation if they choose to do so... Local and national flags unite people of every creed, class and colour. Community cohesion is strengthened - not undermined - by flying the flag."
Fine words from the Secretary of State.

But hang on a second, the DCLG press release points out that there is already no need to seek permission to fly flags of any country, county, the EU, the UN, the Commonwealth or any saint associated with a county. So, you have to wonder if, as Daz suggests, this is an attempt to support the pirate community in this country or whether this is just Pickles ranting for cheap publicity.

It must be the pirates.

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